Spring Seed Update 2023:

After a very busy autumn on both certified and farm saved seed, we have made a start on dressing some of our spring seed crops. It is good to hear that most customers have managed to get drilled up in good conditions, with winter crops looking exceptionally well after the challenges of autumn weather over the last few seasons.

We are currently busy doing spring farm saved orders for those who would like seed back on farm before christmas ready for the new year. If you have any spring seed that you would like dressing this side of christmas please let us know and we will do our best to fit it in.


We have good availability of the following varieties, please call the office if you would like to discuss variety options for spring - we have various malting barley contracts available.

One to watch...

  • You may have seen the new spring barley variety KWS Curtis added to the new AHDB Recommended List for 2023/24.
  • Muntons are going to be testing some through the maltings in December and depending on the results of that, there may be an opportunity for a few malting barley growers to try some for harvest 2023 - we will keep you updated!
Laureate advert.PNG

Malting Options:

Laureate (Sanette x Concerto)

  • Laureate remains the most popular spring malting barley variety with strong demand from maltsters and reliable on farm performance with full MBC approval.
  • We expect Laureate to be the biggest spring barley variety again next season

SY Tungsten (RGT Planet x Ovation)

  • SY Tungsten was a new malting variety from Syngenta in 2020 which now has provisional approval for both brewing and distilling - it is supported by Muntons for harvest 2023.
  • High yields, good specific weight and an untreated yield of 90%.
  • Similar maturity to Laureate.
LG Diablo Ad.PNG

LG Diablo (Sanette x Overture)

  • LG Diablo is a high yielding variety with full MBC approval for brewing and malt distilling.
  • High yields, strong agronomics and good demand from maltsters will keep the LG Diablo area close to that of Laureate.
  • Consistent performance, particularly in the North and East regions.
RGT Planet advert.PNG

RGT Planet (Tamtam x Concerto)

  • Whilst been on the market now since 2015, RGT Planet is a great farmers barley producing a bold grain ideal for feeding with good straw quality, which makes it a very popular choice on farm for its reliable performance.
  • It is slightly earlier to mature than other varieties which appeals to many growers.
  • Potential for a malting premium into the export market for brewing.

Feed Options:

SY Splendor.PNG

SY Splendor (Octavia x Dioptric)

  • SY Splendor was added to the AHDB Recommended List in 2020 for the feed and brewing market - there may be a small demand for brewing.
  • Excellent specific weight, stiff straw and a brackling resistance score of 9.
  • Consistent yields across all regions and soil types. For those that have been growing RGT Planet for the last few years, SY Splendor might be worth a try this spring as a comparison
KWS Irina advert.PNG

KWS Irina (Conchita x Quench)

  • Whilst KWS Irina has been around for several years, it is still a very popular spring barley choice, particular on stock farms due to its good quality straw, high bushel weight and brackling resistance.
  • Small demand for malting.

Spring Wheat Varieties:

KWS Ladum (KWS Sywell x KWS Talland):

  • A group 1 milling wheat with good grain quality and high yields - accepted by millers.
  • It can be drilled from 1st November onwards and has out performed other Group 1 milling wheats such as Skyfall, Crusoe and KWS Zyatt in the January drilling slot.


  • A group 1 milling wheat with good grain quality and yield, aswell as OWBM resistance. 
  • Nissaba has no vernalisation requirement so can be drilled from October through to the end of the spring drilling period.
  • It has been yield competitive against other Group 1 winter wheats in the October drilling slot over 3-years of breeder trials.

We have access to other varieties - please call the office to discuss.

Spring Beans:


  • Fuego remains the most popular spring bean variety due to its on farm reliability and large seed size which makes it suitable for the human consumption grade with good premiums over feed.
  • It is one of the earliest varieties to mature which is why many growers in our region continue to grow it despite other varieties being higher yielding.
Lynx bean advert.PNG


  • Lynx is the highest yielding spring bean variety on the market. It has a strong agronomic package with a Downy Mildew score of 7.
  • It doesn't have the biggest seed size but often makes the human consumption grade depending on the sample.

Additional Seed Dressings:

Vibrance Duo

Vibrance Duo is now approved for spring barley - an ideal dressing to boost early root growth and yield. 

Approved for:

  • Spring Barley
  • Spring Wheat
  • Spring Oats

Kick Off

  • Phosphite based seed treatment proven to boost root and shoot development to eliminate early season deficiency, enhance plant emergence and boost yields.


  • Manganese is essential for chlorophyll synthesis and lignin production - vital for early stages in plant growth.
  • High pH and light soils are prone to deficiency, applying manganese to the seed is a good way to ensure healthy early seedling growth and eliminate early season deficiency.


  • A new phosphite based seed treatment approved for pulses. It is similar to that of Kick Off but has Molybdenum in as well to help prevent marsh spot in peas.

Nutrients in Zest:

  • Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Manganese, Zine, Molybdenum.



  • A biostimulant based seed treatment with a unique combination of endophytes to help crops fix nitrogen and sequester phosphorous, potassium and zinc to help plants withstand drought and climatic stress.
  • Tiros helps improve germination and increase shoot and root mass, to enhance nutrient uptake and optimise green leaf area for maximum yield.

Gamecover and Environmental Mixes:

  • We have a range of Maize, Game Cover and Environmental mixtures available for Spring 2023.

Please enquire for details.

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