KWS Hawking:

  • New variety to the 2020 recommended list with the highest yields of all 2-row feed varieties.
  • Suitable for all soil types with relatively stiff straw and a good specific weight of 68.5 kg/hl.
  • It is early to mature and offers a strong agronomic package and an untreated yield of 83%.
  • Ideal for growers looking for top performance from a conventional 2-row variety. 


  • Craft remains the most popular 2-row winter malting barley with full MBC approval for brewing.
  • It is early to mature with good stiff straw and a lodging resistance of 8.
  • Produces good yields with a strong disease package.
  • Suitable for all regions with low screenings and a decent specific weight of 69.3 kg/hl. 


  • A new variety to the recommended list in 2019, Valerie is the first winter barley to come onto the market for many years with grain quality similar to that of KWS Cassia.
  • With a specific weight of 70.2 kg/hl and low screenings, Valerie is ideal for growers wanting a barley that produces an excellent bold grain for feed.
  • Valerie produces good yields with an impressive untreated yield of 86%.
  • Strong agronomics with a score of 8 for lodging, 6 for mildew and 9 for Brown Rust.
  • Early maturing variety with good grain and straw quality, 

KWS Orwell:

  • KWS Orwell remains a popular 2-row feed barley choice on farm producing consistently high yields with stiff straw.
  • It is relatively early to mature and has a respectable specific weight of 67.9 kg/hl.
  • It has a moderate disease package but does need watching for mildew.

KWS Gimlet:

  • KWS Gimlet has been on the market since 2019 and is a very high yielding 2-row feed barley performing particularly well in the East.
  • It is relatively early to mature and has a good disease package.
  • It has good quality straw but is taller than other varieties so will need a robust PGR program.

KWS Cassia:

  • KWS Cassia is the oldest variety on the block of the winter barley's but still has a strong following by many growers due its, so far, unbeatable grain quality producing a bold grain with an average specific weight of 71.2 kg/hl and low screenings.
  • It is relatively early to mature and stiff-strawed.
  • It has a reasonable agronomic profile but is susceptible to mildew.

SY Kingsbarn:

  • A new 6-row hybrid barley onto the market in 2019, SY Kingsbarn offers growers very high yields with a good specific weight.
  • Performs well on all soil types and is very competitive against grass-weeds.
  • It is early to mature and has a good disease package.


  • A 6-row hybrid barley that's been on the market since 2016 with consistently high yields.
  • It is an excellent choice for growers needing a variety to aid grass-weed suppression due to its autumn and spring vigour.
  • Performs well on all soil types as well as marginal land.
  • It is early to mature and has a good disease package but is tall in the straw which needs a robust PGR program.

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