Seed Dressing Choice

After an extremely challenging season so far with one of the wettest autumns in living memory resulting in cold, wet seedbeds, the value of nutritional seed dressings should not be underestimated.

The photos below show one of our customers fields of winter wheat on the Yorkshire Wolds sown on the 28th November 2019 after potatoes.

The images clearly show where the seed dressed with Kick Off went into the drill.

  • Drilling Date - 28th November
  • Seed Rate - 450 seeds/m2
  • Left handside of photos - Redigo Pro + Signal 
  • Right handside of photos - Redigo Pro + Signal + Kick Off

Kick Off

Kick Off is a phosphate/phosphite based seed treatment which promotes both root and shoot development to aid plant emergence and establishment.

As well as seedbed conditions, soil pH has a big impact on nutrient availability. The Yorkshire Wolds are renowned for their calcareous, chalky soils and naturally have a high soil pH. Subsequently, nutrients such as phosphate,manganese, copper and zinc are easily locked up from plant available forms, even if soil analysis results show adequate indices.

Applying these nutrients to your seed helps to eliminate early season deficiency, enhance plant emergence and build yield potential.

Kick Off Seed Treatment Analysis

  • 180g/l - Phosphate/Phosphite
  • 80g/l - Manganese
  • 16g/l - Zinc
  • 20g/l - Nitrogen
  • 40g/l - Potassium

Early season nutrient roles within plants

  • Phosphate - Key for root and shoot development.
  • Manganese - Essential for chlorophyll synthesis and lignin production.
  • Copper - Lignin synthesis and plant respiration.
  • Zinc - responsible for the utilisation of auxins which regulate plant growth and helps with disease tolerance.

Where do nutritional seed dressings help?

  • Where soil or leaf analysis has shown deficiency
  • High soil pH
  • Soils with high organic matter/receive regular manure applications
  • Sandy Soils
  • Cold/Wet Soils

To discuss appropriate seed dressings for your spring seed, please contact the office.

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