DK Exstar

DK Exstar - New Dekalb variety

  • Dekalb's newest and strongest agronomical variety with the UK's premier seed treatment Acceleron.
  • Acceleron is a new seed treatment, combining a fungicide and bio-stimulant to control seed-bourne diseases, improve plant establishment and enhance phosphate availability to promote early root growth.
  • It is available on an establishment pledge with a 50/50 cost risk sharing scheme to address the challenges UK grower's face in establishing oilseed rape.
  • With a score of 8 for both Stem Canker and Light Leaf Spot, Double Phoma and Pod Shatter Resistance, as well as excellent yields and oil content, this variety is certainly bringing something special to the market!
  • For more details on DK Exstar and the Establishment scheme, please contact the office.
DK Exstar technical.JPG
DK Exstar scheme 1.JPG
DK Exstar scheme 2.JPG

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