Take a look at the 4 new winter wheat varieties we have for autumn 2019 - KWS Extase, KWS Firefly, LG Skyscraper and LG Spotlight. Please contact the office for more details.

KWS Extase

  • KWS Extase is a new Group 2 variety offering milling and export quality along with high yields.
  • This new variety has achieved very high untreated yields, good resistance to yellow rust and the highest resistance to Septoria Tritici on the recommended list.
  • Suitable for all soil types and has a relatively fast speed of development. It is best drilled from the main drilling window onwards - ideal for growers wanting to delay drilling for grass-weed control.
  • Our seed crop of KWS Extase is being grown at Helperthorpe on the Yorkshire Wolds to ensure the highest quality seed for our customers. There is limited KWS Extase seed available for autumn 2019, so please get in touch to get your seed ordered as soon as possible.


KWS Firefly

  • KWS Firefly is the new Group 3 variety to the recommended list. It is the highest yielding Group 3 wheat for the East/West region and offers a good disease resistance package with a rating of 7.0 for septoria tritici.                                                                                                                               
  • This new addition is a short, stiff strawed variety offering OWBM resistance and has the highest HFN of the Group 3’s.             
  • It is a relatively fast-developer, best suited for the main drilling window onwards.       
  • Not a variety for distilling but provides the quality requirements for soft wheat export.


LG Skyscraper

  • LG Skyscraper is the highest yielding soft milling Group 4 wheat on the RL. It has a good bold grain and approval for distilling.
  • It is suitable for all regions of the UK and is best sown in the main drilling window. Being a relatively tall variety, a robust PGR programme is advised.
  • With a reasonable disease profile, OWBM resistance and one of the earlier Group 4 soft varieties to mature, it is well worth considering for the upcoming season. 

LG Spotlight

  • LG Spotlight is a new soft-milling Group 4 variety. It is high yielding and has the best HFN and specific weight out of the soft group 4's aswell as a respectable protein content (%) milling spec. of 12.1.
  • LG Skyscraper is slightly higher yielding and earlier to mature than LG Spotlight, but LG Spotlight offers higher quality characteristics for those growing for the soft-milling or distilling market. Both are very good varieties but these are considerations worth making before choosing between them
  • This new addition is a relatively stiff strawed variety offering OWBM resistance and excellent resistance to yellow rust and fusarium.            
  • It is a fast-developer, best suited for the main drilling window onwards and ideal for those wanting to delay drilling to achieve stale seedbeds for weed control.      


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