Market update

The much needed rain over the last week has been greatly received by crops in the region, particularly spring crops that were struggling to get going due to lack of moisture. Potato growers are nearing to the end of planting and pea groups are progressing well with drilling...what a difference to this time last year!
With crops growing away quickly now fertiliser has had chance to wash in, sprayers will certainly be busy getting T2's on winter barley's and T1's on winter wheat's over the next week if not already applied.
All crops in our area are looking very well, if we keep getting rain when needed, the local 2019 harvest is looking promising. However, many areas further south have missed the rains we have had over the last week with moisture concerns growing as crops become more stressed.
We were pleased to have some of our customers join us last Friday for a golf day at Driffield Golf Club to celebrate our 150 year anniversary, we look forward to seeing many more of our customers at the other events we are organising throughout the year to mark this milestone at James Mortimer Ltd.


The market is very static this week, particularly for old crop with very little demand from buyers. Old crop milling wheat premiums have widened as the base price of spot feed wheat has fallen below £160/t. Please contact the office if you have any milling wheat left to sell.
New crop is trading in a very narrow band with a stand off between buyers and sellers. 
Crops are currently looking very well in our region, if we keep getting regular rain to build yield potential for the predicted big wheat harvest, prices may stay under pressure. We have currently got new crop milling wheat offers of over £20/t above feed, please enquire if you are interested in selling forward.
With big wheat producing countries such as Russia, US and Black Sea regions reporting wheat crops in good condition after a mild winter, wheat prices are likely to stay under pressure until some fresh global weather stories emerge.


Old crop feed barley trade is centered around farm to farm demand with very little interest from compounders.
New crop continues to trade in the £120s/t, please keep in touch with the office for up to date prices.

Malting Barley Contracts

We still have a wide range of both winter and spring malting barley contracts available for harvest 2019. Please contact the office for further details.


Current season oilseed rape prices have rallied this week, peaking at around £310/t ex farm. Unfortunately the market has seen a downward turn today, with current values around £305/t ex farm.
New crop prices remain steady with a lot of uncertainty over the yield potential for the 2019 crop from cabbage stem flea beetle damage and continued dry conditions in Europe.
The US soybean complex is under pressure due to the continuing dispute between the US and China over a future trade deal. With the Brazilian soybean harvest one of the highest on record and the Argentinian harvest progressing well, a good global supply is likely to keep prices down which could impact the European oilseed market in the coming weeks. The African Swine Fever outbreak in China is another factor keeping the soybean market subdued due to lack of demand for feed.  


We have taken a few new orders of Nitrogen and NPK products this week. Please contact us for quotes for outstanding fertiliser supplies.
Although the big fertiliser companies are not likely to come out with their terms for new season fertiliser for another few weeks, we have been offered the following high quality granular products from one of our suppliers which will be very competitive on both quality and price:
26N + 33 SO3
26N + 13 SO3
29N + 9 SO3
24N + 60 SO3 Ammonium Sulphate

Please enquire for prices. 

Summer Trials Events

We have got the dates for our trials days/evenings for summer 2019. Please contact the office and visit out website for details.

Syngenta Platform Site - Aldborough 29th May 2019
Bayer trials site - Stockbridge technology centre, Cawood 26th June 2019
KWS trials - East Heslerton 2nd July 2019

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