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Newsletter – 29th June 2018

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Once again the weather is the main topic of conversation. Many of you told me that we would have a long dry spell after the poor weather of autumn 2017 and Spring 2018.

Markets seem to have moved forwards this afternoon as yield predictions are lowered within Europe.

The seed market has come to life during the week, and many of you will have been looking at trials over the past couple of weeks and making cropping decisions. We have tried to encourage early ordering, especially for the newer varieties with limited availability.


Wheat from harvest 2017 is under pressure; at the same time new crop prices are lifting today.

As I write the newsletter, Wheat Futures are trading at the following levels:

£146.80 (July 18), £163.25 (Nov 18), £163.25 (Jan 19), £165.00 (Mar 19), £169.25 (May 19), £159.00 (Nov 19)


The feed barley market is very quiet. Harvest prices will start somewhere in the region of £136 per tonne ex farm.

It will be interesting to see the gap between barley and wheat once the market gets underway.


As harvest approaches, we wait to see how the 2018/19 season develops. We are offering contracts for both winter and spring varieties.

We promoted CRAFT winter barley last autumn, and told a considerable tonnage of seed. Craft appears to be an improvement on SY Venture.

There is a national shortage of Craft seed and anyone who intends growing the variety this autumn should act quickly to ensure supply.


We have traded a few loads of feed/milling oats during the past weeks. Please keep in touch for up to date information on contract opportunities for harvest 2019.


Oilseed rape prices have firmed a little over the week. As an indication, our daily ex farm prices for 29/6/18 were as follows:

August £295
Sept     £300
Oct       £302
Nov      £304
Dec      £305

We will have several storage/drying options for harvest 2018.


Group 1 varieties:
Skyfall continues to prove a popular choice; Orange Wheat Blossom Midge resistance is a unique attribute within this sector.

Crusoe continues to deliver quality samples, simply the best variety for natuarlly high protein.

KWS Zyatt – looks a good choice for yield, agronomic characteristics.
A good variety for later drilling and the  second wheat slot.

Group 2 –
KWS Siskin – high yielding variety,widely grown as feed. Possible premium.
KWS Lili – as Siskin, inferior untreated yields. Still popular with some of our growers.

Group 3 soft
Elicit – nothing not to like about this very popular variety.High untreated / treated yields.
OWBM resistant.

Group 4 soft
KWS Jackal – may be of interest to growers looking for a change from Leeds.

Elation – the same parentage as Elicit, admittedly with inferior Septoria resistance.
We believe this variety will prove popular in autumn 2018.

We mentioned Gleam wheat several months ago, and we are close to selling out our own crop.
There are a number of group 4 hard wheat varieties which offer excellent yield and agronomic characteristics:
RGT Gravity

We liked the high untreated yield of Gleam, 5% higher than the closest rival. The treated yield is up there with RGT Gravity, another strong contender.

Oilseed rape – large selection available.

Hybrid barley

Stubble Turnips / Mustard in stock.