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Newsletter – 17th June 2018

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After a  4 mile walk on Fraisthorpe beach with my younger daughter, future son-in-law and very happy 4 year-old Spaniel, I have had an extremely enjoyable Fathers Day.

The lawn has been cut, and we had a very pleasant roast beef lunch at The Wolds Inn, Huggate.

I expect quite a few of you made the pilgrimage to Cereals this year, but for the 3rd year in a row I did not attend. It is a fact I am not particularly proud of, but we basically have a lot going on and my time was better spent in Driffield.

We have seen a number of seed orders during the course of the week, and expect the pace will increase even more as we approach July.

Grain markets have seen a bit of a downturn during the past few days, but prices are still at decent levels.



As I write the report the LIFFE Wheat Futures prices are as follows:-
£150.10     July 18
£157.75     Nov 18
£160.10     Jan 19
£162.45     Mar 19
£163.95     May 19
£161.55     July 19
£156.60     Nov 19

Ex farm prices have drifted a little lower for both 2018/19 crop feed wheat.

Lots of issues are keeping the wheat market interesting; Weather, politics, currency movements and the state of crops in key wheat growing countries. The talk of President Trump imposing Tariffs on China and the repercussions that will have add further spice to the mix.

It is fair to say that there is a feeling that harvest 2018 in the UK may only be average, with thin crops and a difficult growing season. That said, the Wolds have improved dramatically over the past weeks.

Please keep in touch with the office for up to date price information on feed/biscuit/milling wheat.



A relatively quiet market for both old and new crop feed barley, with very few new offers are coming to the market.

We wait to see how close to wheat that feed barley will trade once harvest 2018 gets underway.



A very quiet market. Maltsters will be anxious to see how the winter and spring crops develop in the weeks ahead. The spring crops would benefit from some regular gentle rainfall.



We wait to see the direction of the oat market.

On a positive note the firm feed barley and wheat markets coupled with reduced plantings in both the UK and Scandinavia should lead to a reasonably good market during the 2018/19 season.



We are continuing to trade a few loads of oilseed rape from Harvest 2018. Prices have edged lower for both 2018/19 crop.

Although there are weather issues regarding both OSR and Soya crops the market is fairly static at present. The US crop is approaching a key stage in its growth, and forecasts of wet, warm weather have resulted in a lower Soya bean futures price.

Please keep in touch with the office for regular price updates.

We can offer various options for drying storage and drying for Harvest 2018.



The bean market looks a little firmer for Harvest 2018. Please keep in touch with the office for regular updates on the feed an human consumption markets.



Please contact us for all your autumn seed requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to quote for:
Oilseed Rape – including Clearfield varieties – (COMPARE OUR PRICES BEFORE BUYING)
Barley – malting and feed varieties
Wheat – feed / milling / biscuit – our largest ever selection
Beans – locally grown “Tundra” winter beans
Mustard / soil improvement mixtures / stubble turnips




The 2018 campaign finally started.

Prices for AN and AN + Sulphur / Granular Urea etc have taken most people by surprise. In a nutshell, they are considerably higher than we envisaged a few months ago. High energy prices, firm European fertiliser prices and a generally buoyant commodities market have no doubt all played their part.

Please keep in touch for all your requirements, including Yara, CF, Lithan, Pulan, AN + Sulphur, Urea, grades and a full range of blends and compounds.